We wanted to take a moment to thank you for visiting our site. FORTIS Insurance Marketing is a special company that we created to fill a need we see in the senior market. As such we realize that not every agent will be a fit for or even attracted to the business model that we have created.  The need however, for senior market advisors and agencies to focus on helping clients 

bt utilizing a broader approach is incredibly high.  So many independent agents and agencies focus on only one or two products and don't utilize all of the tools available to them.

Not only does this form of agent find it incredibly difficult to be successful in the business today, financially, but it also provides a disservice to clients who need the broader advice we help agents provide.

The future of the senior market segment is around the corner. Innovative technology and online resources are available to consumers at an ever increasing rate. Agents must become more than just price shoppers. More than just a Medicare or Final Expense "Specialist" if they are going to continue to be successful.

With FORTIS we feel that we have created a program that will help you achieve just that. Our focus on agent education, personal and professional development, proper product portfolio analysis and empowering third party resources will help you engage clients on a whole new level.

We look forward to showing you the FORTIS difference in your business. Contact us today to schedule a market evaluation!

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