FORTIS Insurance Marketing is a national marketing organization for senior market insurance products. We are committed to helping agents successfully engage and protect their clients from the many out-of-pocket financial exposures that seniors face in today's ever changing world.

We focus on partnering with agents. We promote the importance of personal and professional development. We provide our agents with experienced assistance that will give them access to innovative products, technology and marketing techniques.

However, mastering the senior market is an ever-evolving process. Agents need to be adaptable and focus on a sales approach that provides clients with solutions in each of the twenty-six scenarios utilizing all ten-core senior market products. This focused approach will provide the agent with a much greater chance of helping clients protect themselves and their financial future. 


The days of most agents being successful while selling and focusing on only one product are over. As an industry we will either evolve into our roles as comprehensive senior market advisors or suffer the consequences and be left behind in a cloud of mediocrity and changing technology. 

 "If the only value you bring to the table is your ability to quote carriers, it is only a matter of time before technology takes your 

 place or a call center takes your clients." -Matt Coots Co-Founder  

This focus on personal and professional development is one of our core beliefs and it's why we've partnered with education providers to easily provide the means for our agents to enhance their abilities and take their career to the next level.

Of course this probably raises some questions in your mind. In the rest of this website we will attempt to address as many of these questions as we can. 

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